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Game Cancellation


U5 and U7 Games - only the president will cancel practices or games due to weather or field conditions. Coaches will not cancel U5 or U7 games or practices for any reason.


Coaches for U9 and up cannot cancel a game. There are only 2 ways a game can be cancelled.


1) if the Ref cancels due to weather at start of game but both teams must be present!


2) If the President or Municipality representative   cancels the game due to field conditions.


If a coach wants to reschedule a game in advance the President can request the change at the league level.  If the league scheduler won't allow the change, the game will be played at its original scheduled date and time. If the league scheduler will allow the change then the league scheduler will give new date and time.


Coaches cannot contact other team coaches and try to reschedule between the 2 teams.



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